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Venice and other art cities such as Padua and Treviso are on hand while on the doorstep is the beautiful Riviera del Brenta with its Venete Villas: a stay at B&B FineVenice offers the opportunity to visit unique and interesting places both from an artistic and cultural point of view and why not maybe even a bit of local shopping. 


Surrounded by the waters of its lagoon is the most important historic center of Veneto, famous for its bridges, canals, ancient palaces and famous churches such as the basilica of St. Mark or the church of the Frari, easy are then excursions to its islands such as Murano, Burano and Torcello.

Image of Venice


It is famous for its villas, an ancient river then transformed into a navigable canal that connects Venice with Padua and in the 16th-XVIII centuries was elected by the Venetian nobility as a holiday resort. Of the more than 100 villas that are mirrored in its waters some can be visited (National villa, villa Pisani and villa Rossi in Stra, villa Widman Foscari and the barchessa of villa Valmarana in Mira, villa Ferretti Angeli in Dolo and villa Foscari in Malcontenta).


Image of Riviera del Brenta

PADOVA (29km)

Ancient Roman city, it is rich in medieval and Renaissance monuments; the most important building in the city is the Basilica of St. Anthony, to see the church of Santa Giustina, the Meadow of the Valley, its University, the historic Caffè Pedrocchi, the historic squares of the Herbs and Fruit and the Palace of Reason.

Image of Padova


This old town is famous for the Sile River and the small canals that cross and flow under the houses, move the ancient mills and give unforgettable views and views. Visit the characteristic island of the fishmonger and admire the medieval and Renaissance palaces with frescoed facades, remarkable is the 15th century walled enclosure still preserved and full of monumental doors.

Image of treviso

CHIOGGIA (45/50km)

Chioggia is a populous and lively seaside city that dripping with history from all its stone. Of Roman origin, the second city of the Serenissima Republic, it has a very original structure. Cut into slices from the canals, sewn by the bridges. Its calluses, all perpendicular to the square, suggest the classic image of fishbone.

Image of chioggia

ASOLO (50km)

A short drive through the Venetian countryside leads to Asolo, a beautiful medieval village at the top of a hill, with Queen Catherine Cornaro's Castle, the Rocca, the villas, the steep arcaded streets, the home of Eleonora Duse and the poet Robert Browning is known as the city of the hundred horizons for the beauty of its views

Image of Asolo

BASSANO (60km)

A short distance away is the noble city of Bassano, famous for its Alpine Bridge, designed by Palladio, full of ancient palaces, a beautiful castle and the ancient medieval walls.

Image of Bassano

VICENZA (50km)

The city protected by Unesco for its precious old town, full of buildings designed by the Palladio, such as the Basilica Palladiana, ancient palace of reason transformed by the genius of the architect, or the Olympic theater first example of stable theater of the modern age or the famous villa Capra a few km from the center.

Image of Vicenza

VERONA (110km)

The old town is full of Roman monuments such as the arena, the theatre, the Urbic and medieval gates, the fortress, the palaces and the arches. Famous squares animated by ancient fountains and the house of Juliet, unforgettable the views that can be admired from the stone bridge on the river Adige.

Image of Verona


 Great shopping mall with lots of shops and restaurants to spend an alternative day.


Commercial center Nave de vero

"DESIGNER OUTLET" (40 km accessible by shuttle)

 Outlet of the best signatures with many shops and restaurants, for an alternative day in the name of shopping.


Outlet designer Noventa di Piave