Self check in

Fine Venice b&b

Check in

You are in front of the b&b, you will find the keys inside a safety deposit box (on the column next to the bell on the left side)

Look at the photo

Open the black flap by dragging it down

Enter the 4-digit code 0230 by turning the wheels up or down and open the door by sliding down the black key to the left of the numbers

Take the keys and please close the box, enter a random code to hide the opening code and close the black flap.

Open the gate in front of you

Open the entrance door of the b&b that you will find immediately after the gate

After the breakfast room you will find the corridor of the rooms on the right, you have room 3, the last on left, the number 3 is also on the door

Your table of the breakfast room is number 3, the other tables are for other guests, read the rules of the breakfast room before using it, you can find them above the table in the booklet


We keep in touch for registration, we need for your ID card or passport, you can send us a foto by the channel of booking used,

We also remind you that you must pay the tourist taxes, as described in the booking confirmation message, the price is €2.80 per person per night, if we don’t see you till check-out, you can leave the money in the safety deposit box inside the wardrobe of the room at check-out (departure day).